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brosses à frottis

Vulva-vaginal irritations are frequently caused by fungal infections.
The infection is caused by a fungus, most often Candida Albicans. This infection should not be considered a sexually transmitted disease.

Symptoms are most often a perineal discomfort, often itching and even pain. There are also white discharges, sometimes thick and odorless.
These infections can be favored by a bacterial infection. They can also contribute to bacterial coinfections. Therefore, medical care is sometimes necessary. Samples from the laboratory may be prescribed.
Nevertheless, the intensity of symptoms can be significant and access to a gynecologist or emergency service can be difficult within a short period of time.

Therefore, to relieve yourself, and without replacing medical consultation, you can go to the pharmacy. Indeed, several antimycotic vulva creams and vaginal eggs are available for sale without a prescription.